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The INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF BIT AND SPUR MAKERS (IGBSM) is a non-profit organization founded in 2009. Our purpose is to provide a network for international bit and spur makers to educate fellow artists, collectors, and the public while expanding awareness and raising the quality of the art. The Guild will offer an opportunity to share ideas, methods, and techniques with fellow artists while preserving, promoting, and enhancing the art of bit & spur making.

There are five different categories for membership they are the Associate Membership: incorporates bit and spur enthusiasts and the avid collectors. This category will afford the associates all the rights as the maker but without voting privileges at the annual meeting. Associates will also be featured on the artist profile page as a way to introduce them to the community. Associates will be granted a private viewing of all shows prior to general public access.

Maker Member Non-Stamp Holder: This category is where all new makers will be placed until they have been juried into the Guild as full maker members. The Maker Member Non-Stamp Holder is a non-voting category.

Maker Member Stamp Holder: Is reserved for accomplished bit and spur makers that are constantly striving for excellence in their craft and have been through the jury process. The use of the stamp is to be the Guild's mark of excellence, assuring the collectors and prospective buyer’s that the artist has followed the strict guidelines set forth by the Guild. Please see bylaws for further clarification on stamp use.

Legends Lifetime Membership: is a nominated position within the Guild. This category is reserved for makers whom have dedicated their life to promoting, preserving and enhancing the art of bit and spur making. This class will enjoy voting privileges and the use of the Guild stamp on their handmade works.

Honorary Lifetime Membership:
is for the non-maker who has gone above and beyond to help preserve and promote the art of bit and spur making for present and future generations. The honorary members will be allowed voting privileges. Makers work will be juried at the fall conference.

Please download and familiarize yourself with the bylaws. The IGBSM is now accepting membership applications.



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Thank you for your interest in the IGBSM. If you have any questions that we can help you with, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.
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